LUMINKEY75 User Manual

LUMINKEY75 (tri-mode version) Program Guide

by LiuLihui on Dec 29, 2023

LUMINKEY75 (tri-mode version) supports VIA to program, different from LUMINKEY75 (wired version) supports VIAL.

You could program it through VIA website: 
Or download the VIA 3.0.0 application: (Only supports the 3.0.0 version)

JSON file for LUMINKEY75 (tri-mode):
If you would like to program it on wired mode, please download the JSON file for wired mode
If you would like to program it on 2.4G mode, please download the JSON file for 2.4G mode

Below are the steps for how to program LUMINKEY75 (tri-mode version) through the VIA website on 2.4G mode:
Step1- Switch your LUMINKEY75 (tri-mode version) to 2.4G mode (Right Ctrl + Tab key to switch to 2.4G).
Use Google Chrome browser or Microsoft Edge browser to open the VIA web page:  click the bottom step by step to connect LUMINKEY75.
Step 2-Turn to the design page and upload LUMINKEY75 JSON file:
(*please close the bottom of 'Use V2 definitions(deprecated)')
Step3- Then move to the configure page and connect LUMINKEY75 again.
Step-4 You've been able to check the remap page and remap your LUMINKEY75 freely!