LUMINKEY75 User Manual

How to flash firmware for LUMINKEY75 (tri-mode version)

by LiuLihui on Jan 05, 2024

Please download the flash firmware application for LUMINKEY75 (tri-mode version).

Download the flash firmware for LUNMINKEY75

If you would like to remove the automatic deep sleep function, please download the flash firmware without a deep sleep function.


Your LUMINKEY75 (tri-mode version) will undergo a few changes for the keys after refreshing the firmware.

Before flashing the firmware, the default setting:

After flashing firmware:

How to use it?

Step 1- Download the application. (*The application only supports Windows system.)

Step 2- Make sure your Luminkey75 is in the wired mode. (Connect with a USB cable and switch to wired mode) Open the application and it will flash firmware automatically.

Step 3- Wait until it is finished.