Illuminate Your Digital Journey

Welcome to a world where your keyboard becomes more than just a tool—it becomes a canvas for your imagination.

Our journey started while we were at Createkeebs, and we were blown away by the interest from folks who were curious about mechanical keyboards. They loved the cool looks, comfy feel, and endless possibilities of custom keyboards. But the hefty price tags and complicated setups kept many away. They wanted something beautiful and comfy that they could easily personalize.

And that's how LUMINKEY was born.

We embraces minimalism and classic design, accentuating the beauty of metal and clean lines.
We're all about hands-on tuning, checking each key like it's the VIP. Every key gets its special touch to make sure your typing feels comfy and totally unique.

Unleash your ideas,
express your thoughts

  • Our goal?

    To make sure every keyboard we send your way is perfect, whether you're a pro or just looking for a better typing experience.
    We truly believe that a keyboard isn't just a tool – it's a way to express yourself.

  • Our mission?

    To turn keyboards into something more artistic. We want every key press to be like a little work of art. And we're here to encourage you to go beyond the basics. Whether you're cranking out code or lost in creative ideas, LUMINKEY is here to help you shine.
    and enjoy exclusive member benefits.

In a world defined by digital landscapes, LUMINKEY emerges as a beacon of distinction, casting its radiant light into the depths of technology. Just as light dispels darkness, LUMINKEY is dedicated to infusing your typing experience with a luminous vibrancy that ignites your creativity.

What we could provide to you...

Fast Shipping

We cooperate with DHL and Fedex, aim to our customers will receive the expected products in a short time!

Professional Service

Our professional team will actively help you solve the problem you met!


All of our products are subject to strict quality inspections from R&D to delivery. The quality can stand the test of time!

Creative & Timeless Design

We own a professional design team, we are committed to bringing more creative and more classic keyboards to the world!