LUMINKEY75 User Manual

LUMINKEY75 (Tri-mode version) Quick Start Guide

by LiuLihui on Dec 29, 2023

  1. LUMINKEY75 power switch: Pull off the keycap of the right shift key to see the power switch.
  2. Switch connect mode: Right Ctrl + Tab key to switch the connect mode: Wireless mode: key1 will light up. Numeric keys 1, 2, and 3 correspond to 3 devices respectively. You can connect different devices by pressing 1/2/3 keys; 2.4G mode: 4 key will light up; Wired mode: 5 key will light up.)
  3. Win key lock: right Ctrl + left Win key to lock/release Win key.
  4. Low latency mode: Right Ctrl + H key to switch on the low latency mode. (the capslock key will flash 3 times, if you turn to the normal latency mode, the capslock key won't flash.)
  5. WIN/MAC layout switch: Right Ctrl + ~key to switch the WIN/MAC layout. (On the Mac layout, ~key will keep lighting up to help user know what mode the keyboard is in.)
  6. Reset LUMINKEY75: Press Right Ctrl + ESC key for 3~5 seconds to resent LUMINKEY75. (All the lights will flash 3 times.)
  7. Tips of the right control key: The factory setting of the right Ctrl key is a function key, which does not have the function of the Ctrl key. If you need to modify it to the Ctrl function, please remap it through VIA. (Program guide for LUMINKEY75)