LUMINKEY75 User Manual

How to Program LUMINKEY75 (wired version)?

by LiuLihui on Aug 30, 2023

LUMINKEY75 supports VIAL and QMK to program the keyboard.
The following content is a tutorial on how to program your keyboard with VIAL. You can use the VIAL web to make some changes, but we recommend you use the application.

-How to remap a key on VIAL?

Connect LUMINKEY75 with a Type-c data cable, confirm the keyboard is connected to the device and open VIAL.
(*VIAL website or VIAL application, the following operation will be shown via the application)

Let's take changing the function key as an example for the following video.

 -How to program the roller knob on VIAL?

Change the default function of volume adjustment to scroll up or down the page as an example.

 -How to set the RGB light on VIAL?

 -How to factory reset for LUMINKEY75?

Press the keys as the picture below marked in sequence, and hold a few seconds to restore factory settings. (Please do not release any button while processing)

factory reset for Createkeebs LuminKey75

 -How to Flash Firmware for LUMINKEY75?

1- Download the LUMINKEY75 firmware 

*Click here to download LuminKey75 firmware

2- Get into DFU mode.

Press the keys as the picture below in sequence and hold a few seconds to get into DFU mode. (Please do not release any button while processing) Until you can see LUMINKEY75 file on your device. (File name: Createkeebs)

createkeebs luminkey75 get into DFU mode

 3- Find the location of LUMINKEY75 file (File name: Createkeebs) on your device, and open it.

file name of createkeebs luminkey75

 4- Put the firmware into the file of LUMINKEY75.