LUMINO75 75% Layout Hot-swappable Custom Mechanical Keyboard

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Product description

75% Layout, 100% Function

Customized keyboard of Lumino series of LUMINKEY brand

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Unleash Efficiency with Compact Precision

The new LUMINO75 adopts vibrant colors, injecting more lively and rich innovations.

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The new LUMINO75 features vibrant color schemes, differing slightly from the previous Luminkey75 design elements by infusing more lively and rich innovations. The front design incorporates rounded corners, with an 80% layout that maximizes both aesthetics and practicality.

Gasket mount | Non-Flexing Cut | EZ-assemble Structure
  • It comes standard with a trimode hot-swappable 1.6mm PCB, ensuring consistent sound quality.
  • Equipped with a 1.5mm PC positioning plate, it features a 0.5mm thick IXPE switch pad and 3.5mm Poron sandwich foam, as well as a 0.1mm sound dampening pad.
  • The uniquely designed 1mm anti-static ultra-thin Poron bottom foam is combined with a 2mm custom Inoue hot-swap socket EPDM, significantly enhancing the overall user experience.