LUMINKEY65 User Manual

LUMINKEY65 Assembly Guide

LiuLihui Dec 01, 2023

1. On the back of the Luminkey65, use the  Allen wrench to remove the screws

2. After removing the screws, turn the keyboard over (hold it firmly and be careful not to drop it), place it face up, and remove the top case.

3. After taking off the top case, gently flip up the inner (pay attention to the cable connection), remove the flex cable, and then you're able to take out the PCB inner.
Note: When removing the inner, please remove the silicone gasket on the plate to avoid losing it.

4. Use a Phillips screwdriver (included with package) to remove the screws fixing the plate. Then you can replace the stabilizers, plate and change the keyboard layout.

After installing and adjusting the stabilizers, fix the PCB and the plate according to the assembly process, connect the cable, install switches, and put it into the bottom case.

Check whether the inner is placed flat, cover the upper case, lock the screws of case, and install the keycaps before use.