65% Layout, 100% Function!
  • CNC aluminum case and copper, more stylish and luxurious.
  • Hot-swappable for custom your typing experience freely
  • Tri-mode connection to support you anytime, everywhere
  • 65% ANSI/ISO Layout, compact layout but more possibilities
  • VIA program your own keyboard


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Unleash Efficiency with Compact Precision

Aluminum elegance meets copper accents in Luminkey65.
Beyond comfort, enjoy delightful clicky sounds, endless DIY possibilities*, and ultra-low 2ms latency for a winning edge in work and game.
(*pointed to change layout, switches and plate freely.)

Drawing inspiration from geometric elements, Luminkey65 embodies minimalism and agility, seamlessly weaving them into every corner of the keyboard.
The copper badge and weight not only enhance the keyboard's weight and identity but also add a touch of luxury.

Four Classic Colors and Four Badges to Built the Timeless Keyboard.

Case Options:

E-Retro Creamy / Ano-Red / Ano-Silver / Ano-Black

Badge Options:

Copper / Stainless steel PVD-Black / Titanium / Titanium-Blue

Different plates for different typing experiences!

Extra plate supports multiple layouts, the default plate only supports default layout.

FR4 / PC / Aluminum, which one is your choice?

Small Size with Fully Function

We strive to make Luminkey65 compatible with more keys* and multiple layouts**, allowing you to customize additional functions according to your needs.
(*:split backspace & split left shift support)
(**: ANSI/ISO layout support and 6.25U/7U spacebar support )


- The gasket structure enhances typing elasticity.
- While the non-flexing cut PCB ensures consistent sound for each keypress.
- Multiple layout support, you can customize the keyboard to add or remove specific keys as needed.

(*Note: Changing layouts requires an additional purchase of a positioning plate. The default plate is Plate-mount stabilizer and does NOT support layout changes.)

Sylva Switches

Inspired by the expansive and soothing natural landscapes, Sylva provides a harmonious and comfortable typing experience.

Spec for Sylve switches