LUMINKEY80 User Manual


LiuLihui Sep 13, 2023

The following are some frequently asked questions.
If you still need help, please contact us and we will reply to you within 48 hours!


1. Q: Where can I find the power switch?    

    A: Pull up the keycap of the right shift key to reveal the power switch. Just flip the switch to "ON".

2. Q: How can I set the light effect for 'ESC' key?      

    A: The default gradient lighting effect, the lighting effect and lighting color can be set through VIA.

3. Q: How can I switch the WIN layout and MAC layout?      

    A: Press the right control key + tilde key to switch WIN layout and MAC layout. In the MAC layout, tilde key will light up.

4. Q: How can I switch to Wireless / 2.4G / Wired mode?      

    A: Press the right control key +tab key:Wireless mode:'1'、'2'、'3'keys will flash the light. 2.4G mode: '4' key will flash the ligh. Wired mode: '5' key will light up.

5. Q: How to pair the wireless devices?      

    A: Long press the right control key +1 key for 3 seconds, when '1' key flashes the light, device pairing is in progress. You will see 'LK-80BT1' shown in the Bluetooth list of the device, Click connect to finish the connect process. (If the connection is successful, the light will stay on for 3 seconds. If unsuccessful, the '1' key will flash slowly for 3 seconds.)        

*Wireless name:LK-80BT1/LK-80BT2/LK-80BT3 

6. Q: How can I switch the wireless device?      

    A: Luminkey80 can connect 3 devices. On the Wireless mode, press Control(Fn) key + '1'/'2'/'3' key to switch the device.

7. Q: How to clear connected Wireless device records?      

    A: Press and hold the Control (Fn) key and press and hold the '1' or '2' or '3' key corresponding to the device you want to delete for 3 seconds. The light flashes quickly to indicate that it has been cleared.

8. Q: How to charge Luminkey80?      

    A: Just plug in the cable and connect it to the device. 

9. Q: How can I check the power?      

    A: In wireless mode, it can be viewed on the Bluetooth interface of device.

10. Q: Why I can not use the win keys?

      A: 1-Maybe the win keys are been locked. Please press RCtrl (FN) key + LWin to unlock the win keys

           2-If you change LUMINKEY80 to MAC layout, the win keys won't work. Please press RCtrl (FN) key + '~' key to switch to WIN Layout.

11. Q: How can I switch off the light for 5 key?

      A: When the charging is complete, the light for the 5 key will be off automatically.