LUMINKEY75 User Manual

LUMINKEY75 Barebones Set Assemble Guide

LiuLihui Aug 30, 2023

1. When you open the box, the PCB, plate and foams are all inside the keyboard. And the stabilizers need to be installed.
2.On the back of the keyboard, please use the Allen wrench to take out the screws for fix top and bottom case.

3. Carefully lift the top case of the keyboard.

4. Carefully lift the front end of the inner (there is a connected cable underneath), remove the rollers and put them aside.

*Note: There are small bearings at both ends of the roller. If it falls off during disassembly, please reinstall it on the roller, and install the roller with the bearing in the reserved position of the bottom case. The installed effect is smooth. If it is difficult to slide, please check again (Do NOT violently disassemble)


5. Turn up the inner and remove the cable. (Do NOT pull out the cable directly to avoid damage)

6. Take out the inner, remove the Gaskets from the plate and put it away, use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the fixing screws on the plate, remove the PCB then install the stabilizers.

7. After installing and debugging the stabilizers, fix the PCB and the plate according to the disassembly process, insert the switches, install the Gaskets on the plate, connect the cable, put it into the bottom case, and install the rollers. Check whether the inner is placed flat then cover the top case, install the screws for locking the top and bottom case, and put the keycap before use.