[Interest Check] LUMINKEY80 - TKL+F13, ANSI/ISO Layout

by LiuLihui on Aug 31, 2023

luminkey80 custom mechanical keyboard

The Luminkey80 is an 80% custom mechanical keyboard with a timeless design and focuses on simplicity and longevity.


- Layout: ANSI/ISO 80% TKL with F13 key, WK/WKL options
- Mounting: gasket mount
- Material: CNC 6063 aluminum case with copper weight
- Weight: ≈2.1kg (fully assembled)
- PCB: 1.6mm tri-mode hot-swap PCB
- Plate: 1.5mm PC plate
- Typing Angle: 7 degree
- Keycaps: Enjoy-PBT Double-Shot WOB PBT keycaps / 9009 Double-Shot PBT keycaps (LED Indicator support)
- Switches: Customized switches made by Createkeebs x GATERON
- Price: barebone kit:215 USD; assembled:280 USD
- Date: 2023 Q4 in stock sell
- Vendors: 

·United States: Cannonkeys

·United States: Keebs for all

·Korea: Monstargears

·Vietnam:The keebs Store

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We also prepare gifts for you: 

-Artisan keycap

-Carrying case

Color options:

Ano-Black/ Ano-Silver/E-off white

createkeebs luminkey80-white

createkeebs luminkey80-silver

createkeebs luminkey80-black

Extra badge options:

Silver/Black stainless steel PVD badge
(Copper Badge Comes Standard)

createkeebs luminkey80-bagde-1

createkeebs luminkey80-bagde-2


The decorative lines on the side of the bottom shell adopt angular design, preventing the side angles of the keyboard from becoming too monotonous.

createkeebs luminkey80-side-1

createkeebs luminkey80-side-2


Hot-swappable Luminkey80 supports ISO and ANSI layouts.

createkeebs luminkey80-layout

Plate & PCB:

createkeebs luminkey80-pcb and plate

Exploded view & Size:

createkeebs luminkey80-exploded view


*LED Indicators and ISO keycaps need to extra purchase.

createkeebs luminkey80 keycaps set-base-enjoy-pbt-doubleshot-9009

createkeebs luminkey80 keycaps set-addon-enjoy-pbt-doubleshot-9009

createkeebs luminkey80 keycaps set-base-enjoy-pbt-doubleshot-WOB

createkeebs luminkey80 keycaps set-addon-enjoy-pbt-doubleshot-wob


*Artisan Included in the kit (fully assembled & barebone)

createkeebs luminkey80 artisan keycaps-white

createkeebs luminkey80 artisan keycaps-black


createkeebs luminkey80 switches

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