LUMINKEY80 User Manual

Program LUMINKEY80 through VIA

by LiuLihui on Sep 12, 2023

LUMINKEY80 supports VIA to program.
You could program through VIA website: 
Or download the VIA app:
File for LUMINKEY80:
Download link for JSON file for LUMINKEY80: Luminkey80-via_file.json
Download link for BIN file for LUMINKEY80: Luminkey80-qmk_file.bin
Below are the steps for how to program LUMINKEY80 through the VIA website:
1-Open the via link: and click the bottom step by step to load LUMINKEY80 automatically.luminkey80-via-1
2-Turn to the design page and upload LUMINKEY80 JSON file:
(*please close the bottom of 'Use V2 definitions(deprecated)')
3-Then move to the configure page and contact LUMINKEY80.
4-You've been able to check the remap page and remap your LUMINKEY80 freely!